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YA and Sherlock Holmes Author

I’m leaving soon…

In under two months, I’m moving halfway across the country. When I say this, it becomes more real. I’m not moving my entire household at once; my husband is staying in Kansas to finish out his job. And we have no place to move to, as of yet. I’ll be enjoying the fine guest rooms […]

Where have I been?

Lots of things going on. I just finished the first draft of a mid-grade novel and I’m dealing with some personal stuff. But the fun thing is… I’m in the cast of the local production of Sister Act. I have actual lines and everything! This is super cool because I have never actually been in […]

The Lying Detective

I’ll work under the assumption that you have seen The Lying Detective by now, since BBC Sherlock has aired both in the UK and on PBS in the US. If not, and you don’t want to be spoiled, do not proceed. That said, I have a variety of scattered thoughts. -Sherlock is starting to repeat […]

Giving The Twisted Blackmailer for the holidays

For $18 I will ship out a SIGNED copy of The Twisted Blackmailer anywhere in the US! (additional fees for out of country) Usually arrives in two to three days. My paypal is spastasmagoria (at) gmail dot com Indicate the name of the person for whom you wish it to be inscribed, and the mailing […]


I managed to delete my entire Tumblr account. If you were following me, my usernames are deducecanoe and spastasmagoria   Feel free to refollow me, or put your username in the comments section, and I will follow you 🙂   –TG

Back in the day.

In case you haven’t noticed, I’m horrible at naming blog posts. I suppose this will have to serve, for a post on nostalgia and missing someone. Once upon a time, in the 90s (I marvel that some people reading this weren’t even alive back then–where does time go? It’s a mystery.), I decided to take […]

December 8th appearance canceled. 

Due to unforeseen circumstances my reading and signing scheduled for next Thursday has been canceled. There are no plans to reschedule at this time. 

Pardon my self-indulgence. Sort of.

I found a few manga character generators online and started trying to make Holmes and Watson from my book 🙂 Here are my efforts thus far:     y/n?   I like the manga look for them because I think The Twisted Blackmailer is like shojo, but sans romance.       Tammy Garrison is […]

How disappointed will I be if this isn’t in Infinity War?

  My level of disappointment will be extremely high. Because, really.  I need that hot Sherlock-on-Sherlock action, and both Robert Downey Jr. (Iron Man) and Benedict Cumberbatch (Dr. Strange) are on the cast list for Avengers: Infinity War. Therefore: this has to happen.   But more seriously–it’s great to see Benedict Cumberbatch getting bigger roles. […]