Tammy Garrison

YA and Sherlock Holmes Author

Where have I been?

Lots of things going on. I just finished the first draft of a mid-grade novel and I’m dealing with some personal stuff. But the fun thing is… I’m in the cast of the local production of Sister Act. I have actual lines and everything!

This is super cool because I have never actually been in a stage production before. My degree is in technical theater and playwriting, so I never really got a chance to strut my stuff on stage. I play the oldest nun, which will be fun because I get to do old-age makeup. FINALLY. THAT ONE CREDIT MAKEUP CLASS COMES IN USE.

So that’s what I’ve been studying for and doing that’s been taking up so much of my time.

That said… still have a rough draft of a novel I need to get on the second draft for, then I will go back to Sherlock Holmes for a bit. SO that’s my big update!

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