Tammy Garrison

YA and Sherlock Holmes Author

Pardon my self-indulgence. Sort of.

I found a few manga character generators online and started trying to make Holmes and Watson from my book 🙂 Here are my efforts thus far:


mangsher3 mangwats3 mangmockup




I like the manga look for them because I think The Twisted Blackmailer is like shojo, but sans romance.




Tammy Garrison is the author of The Twisted Blackmailer – Watson and Holmes Book 1 – the first in a new Sherlock Holmes YA series available from Amazon USA, Amazon UK, Book Depository (free worldwide shipping) & Kindle


  1. Sandi

    Your Holmes looks exactly, EXACTLY, like I had pictured in my head from reading your novel. My picture of Watson changed every time I read the story. I thought that was good thing though. But your Watson here is closer to my more recent mental picture than my first ones.

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