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How disappointed will I be if this isn’t in Infinity War?



My level of disappointment will be extremely high. Because, really.  I need that hot Sherlock-on-Sherlock action, and both Robert Downey Jr. (Iron Man) and Benedict Cumberbatch (Dr. Strange) are on the cast list for Avengers: Infinity War. Therefore: this has to happen.


But more seriously–it’s great to see Benedict Cumberbatch getting bigger roles. They may not be as Oscar-worthy as, say, The Imitation Game, but they are certainly taking center stage, not only in the American market, but across the world. The take across the globe for Marvel films is in the billions, and places like China love both Marvel and BBC Sherlock.


It helps, of course, that he is incredibly versatile, turning in solid performances on stage and TV, in addition to his movie roles. So you can’t say he hasn’t earned his success. Or his ubiquity. At this point, everyone knows his name. I have seen older relatives playing the “type Benedict Cumberbatch’s name without looking at the keyboard” game on Facebook–some that I know would never watch Sherlock. That is market saturation.


If you want to know more about the transformation and evolution of one of the UK’s hottest actors, check out Lynette Porter’s two previous Cumberbatch books: Benedict Cumberbatch, In Transition  and Benedict Cumberbatch, Transition Completed


Or better yet, check out her most recent book, Benedict Cumberbatch, London and Hollywood, which is shiny and new and available in paperback next week (11/28) or this week on Kindle!


It’s that glorious half-way point between “following someone’s career” and “stalking someone’s career.”

Lastly, if you haven’t seen Doctor Strange, it’s still in theaters! Enjoy a mind-bending Marvel movie that, in a lot of ways, mirrors Iron Man’s journey from twat to super hero. The special effects are the best I’ve seen in a Marvel movie thus far, and I look forward to seeing Benedict as Doctor Strange again in Avengers: Infinity War all the way in May 2018.




So long, and good night!


Tammy Garrison is the author of The Twisted Blackmailer – Watson and Holmes Book 1 – the first in a new Sherlock Holmes YA series available from Amazon USA, Amazon UK, Book Depository (free worldwide shipping) & Kindle

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